About Us
SpeedIndia is a retail brand of World Phone Internet Services Private Limited, established in 2000, which is a Class “A” Internet service provider, licensed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India. Backed by the US-based multinational TI Investment Services, we bring to India, communication services compliant with international standards. SpeedIndia has ushered in a new era in communications for India. One of the most significant players in Internet services, we provide a clear edge in services ranging from retail broadband to Internet services for corporates as well as bulk users. SpeedIndia is owned by World Phone which is recognized as one of the 25 fastest-growing tech companies,* delivering innovative, unique and practical end-to-end solutions, and leveraging its expertise in technology to expedite its clients’ business success. Quality service, customer satisfaction and affordability are the guiding force around which SpeedIndia’s company policy revolves.
Product Profile
SpeedIndia has a range of services/products, including Retail Broadband Services and Enterprise Internet Solutions. SpeedIndia caters to customers across India, thanks to its widespread branches and channel partner network. With over 200 employees, a corporate office headquartered in New Delhi and regional branches in Ahmedabad, Patna, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Lucknow, we provide the best of products and aftersales service. Our technical staff of over 50 people and 24/7 online support offer our customers top-notch technical assistance and seamless connectivity to the world. SpeedIndia has a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity, making our systems prominent in the market.