The 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at home. SpeedIndia is a leading ‘Class “A” Internet service provider and enables a wide range of cost-effective Fiber to the home internet services. We ensure that you enjoy a high speed and reliable connectivity through fiber optic network. SpeedIndia provides a 100% fiber-optic Internet that transmits data at consistently high speeds even over great distances.

Speed India’s fiber to home internet carries communication signal from an operator’s equipment all the way to your homes. Our technology has been found to be more robust as well as reliable than older technologies. Our fiber-to-the-home internet service is one of the fastest growing method of providing much greater bandwidth and speeds to consumers.

Connecting homes including cellular towers or sites directly to fiber optic cable enables enormous improvements in what bandwidth devices are capable of delivering. Our Current fiber optic technology can provide two-way transmission speeds – upload and download over a gigabit per second. And as older technologies stretch the limits of their performance or speed, constant improvements in fiber optic technology and equipment can improve how much bandwidth is available without having to deploy a new network. That’s why our fiber networks are said to be “onehealthscore.”